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INNOVATION STATION  is an Open Innovation program dreamed by the Portuguese branches of Auchan Retail, Ceetrus and Oney - companies encompassed by Auchan Holding - and brought to life by the Nova SBE Venture Lab.

The goal of the program is to co-develop the next generation of Retail, together with the most promising startups who come up with the innovative solutions for the 5 Target Areas.

Target Areas*

Omnichannel Purchase Experience
Deliver a seamless, integrated customer experience in a simple, convenient and funny way.
Customer Relationship
Get to know the customer and communicate better than anyone.
Enterprise Technology
Build the technological basis to enable efficiency, productivity, collaboration and innovation.
Environmental Sustainability
Increase Corporate Social Responsability and minimize Environmental Impact.
Retail Banking
Facilitate customer’s access to financing, simplify payments and increase loyalty.

*Wild Cards

New Products and services that are already ready to go to market will be put in direct contact with the Procurement departments and dismissed from going through the 3 stages of the program.

Program Structure

The program is divided in 3 phases:
Nov 2018 - Jan 2019
Scouting the most promising and innovative startups in the 5 Target Areas
Feb 2019
Pitching of top 40 startups to executives from the 3 companies
Apr-Jun 2019
Startups with the most added value to the group will be invited to co-develop a pilot for 3 months at the INNOVATION STATION in Lisbon, along with a €10k pilot development grant



For more info about the program get in touch with hello@innovationstation.pt or fill in the contact form below: